Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Begin instrument set up

We spent most of the day ferrying instruments and cylinders from the main camp out to our satellite camp where we will be making the air and snow chemical measurements. Above is a photo of the Satellite camp Weatherport where some scientists will be working on data, others will be analyzing samples. It is a nice warm place with some snacks and hot water so we can make tea or coffee.

Best thing is that it has wireless internet access so we can keep up with email. Here is Jack Dibb from Univ. of New Hampshire working on email and trying to trouble shoot his mist chamber instrument that he is just set up this afternoon.

I am writing this blog entry from the sat camp weatherport while I am calibrating my solar spectroradiometer. This instrument measures the intensity of sunlight in the ultraviolet and visible wavelengths. In other words, I measure solar photons that do photochemistry up here (the photo in photochemistry).

Tonight the temperature has dropped to -29 deg C (-20 deg F) and has gotten quite foggy. The forecast calls for temperatures to continue to get colder over the next few days.

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