Thursday, May 17, 2007

Summit's First Wind Generator

On Monday (14th May) the Summit Crew in were ready to raise the first Summit Wind powered electricity generator.

We all helped using the hand winch to raise the wind mill. The winching was a bit difficult at first. Each stroke of the winch pulled in 1 inch of cable, so it took about 45 minutes to get the wind mill all the way up.

This prototype project was led by Tracy (middle) and assisted by Larry (left) and Joe (right). This particular wind generator has a peak output of 6000 W. If the winds get too strong it pushes back the blades. This particular system is rated for - 60 deg C. If it survives the cold temperatures and stong winds of this winter, we are hopeful that we can have more (and larger) wind mills up here in the future.

The windmill has been working well the past 4 days. We have only had light winds so far but it is already tapped into the Summit grid helping us do our science.

p.s. Thanks to Sandy Starkweather for the photos of the wind generator.

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