Monday, May 7, 2007

One hour flight delay

This morning we found out that the weather is good at Summit (2 miles visibility) but foggy on other parts of Greenland. So good for us but other scientists may have trouble getting from Kanger to their research sites today. We also heard that our C-130 is having minor mechanical problems, so will have a 1-hour flight delay. This is fine with us as it gives us some extra time to check email and I can post a couple more photos to the blog. The connection here is good for email, but quite slow to upload photos. Sandy Starkweather (the Veco Science Logisitics Manager) was excited as the delay gives her achance to finish her yoga without rushing.

Photo above is one of the C-130 pallets with a mixture of scientific gear and personal baggage that we packed lastnight after dinner. Our C-130 will be loaded up with 3 to 4 of these pallets (this is the smallest of them) which will have pretty much all of our scientific equipment that we will be setting up over the next few days. I would guess that the total weight of all our scientific equipment is on the order of 20,000 lbs. The pallet above weighed 3,100 lbs.

This photo was taken above 9:00 PM last night. It was a cloudy day, but still plenty of light here at night. It is a view of Kangerlussuaq from the ridge overlooking the town. Kanger is a formerl U.S. Air Base known as Søndre Strømfjord.

This is the a photo of the "big fjord". Kangerlussuaq is the Greenlandic word for "big fjord".

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