Friday, May 25, 2007

Sunny days back at Summit

Here is a photo of me on the roof of the Balley Building with the rest of the Summit camp in the background. Temperatures have warmed up quite a bit. Just in time for our Memorial Day Barbeque on Sunday Night. Not sure of all the plans yet, but I hear that we good chance that we will play so Greenland Golf (with orange balls), horse shoes, and kick the soccer ball around. Acutally have a long day of snow pit sampling every 4 hours from 0800 to 2400 LT planned for tomorrow, so I will be looking forward to some time off on Sunday night.

Also, wanted to introduce Jo Dodds, a middle school Earth Sciences teacher from Idaho visiting Summit to learn about what we are doing and to teach a couple of Webinars on the PolarTREC website. Her next webinar from Summit Greenland will be on 01 June, and will try to answer the questions: Does snow cause air pollution?

Please check out Jo's online journal at:

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