Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Calm winds and radiation fog

You can just barely see the big house in the photo taken a few minutes ago. It as been sunny and warm all day, and now that the winds have died down, the fog as just started to form. The NOAA website say that radation fog "forms at night under clear skies with calm winds when heat absorbed by the earth’s surface during the day is radiated into space. As the Earth’s surface continues to cool... the humidity (can) reach 100% and fog (may) form. Radiation fog varies in depth from 3 feet to 1,000 feet and is always found at ground level and usually remains stationary. This type of fog can reduce visibility to near zero at times .

These are two more photos of the clam conditions tonight, the weather port (above) and the shovel we use to keep the drifting snow away from the door (below).

Finally, David Lew (NOAA) is working on fixing an problem with the mercury instrument. It is an intermittent problem, the most difficult to troubleshoot. He just took the whole instrument back outside, so that makes me think that he has has it working again.

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