Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday to Summit Camp

May 25th. Hard to believe that I will be back in only a month [if all goes according to plan]! I feel like, in so many ways, we just got here. I suppose it's nothing more than my point of reference- in that I'm used to being on trips for much longer times.
I decided I haven't taken enough photos of the place. So, I took the time to wander around last night (about 1am local time) and take some photos along the perimeter of camp. I like how this captures the texture of the snow surface, which is constantly changing. We've had some breezy days, hence the texture of all the waves. There is a bit of a wind layer on the snow as well. When we first got here, the snow was much smoother from the different conditions before our arrival.
It has been a bit warmer lately, particularly in the tents- increased solar radiation. Still, the sauna is an often refreshing past time for some (will take a photo of that particular feature later).

Other than that, things, from my perspective, seem to be moving along groovy enough. The whole community here gets along well. No complaints. In fact, one of the hardest parts I forsee in leaving this place is going to be leaving the cooks! Aside from Sunday, they cook every lunch and dinner for us, and it's always fantastic (and extremely diverse)! Here is a photo of the birthday cake (Oh yeah, Summit Camp turned 18 on the 24th of May, so she's now legal and can kick us out). Beside the cake in this photo is one of the infamous cooks I mentioned- Kathy. Whatever she gets paid, she needs a raise! Tina (not photoed) is the other beautiful cook, who also isn't paid enough. The food here is spectacular, and I'm not even that much of a food person.

Whenever we get the next fog, I'm going to look at climbing the 50m tower (usually a warmer place than the ground with the related inversion) and take some photos down on camp, if the opportunity presents itself. Should be neat, though a wee bit chilly. Often, the inversion from 2m to 8m is on the magnitude of 10 C!
And on that note, bis dann.

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