Saturday, June 9, 2007

Brad's Trip to Thule

An Air Greenland Twin Otter made an emergency flight to Summit this morning at 0600.

The Otter came to transport a scientist with a tooth infection from Summit to Thule, Greenland for urgent medical care. The scientist recently had his wisdom teeth removed and unfortunately his healing jaw became infected and started to swell. He is now doing fine in Thule.

Mr. Brad Johnson (guy with yellow and orange hat) volunteered to accompany the patient to Thule. Brad is one of our heavy equipment operators with many years experience in both the Arctic and the Antarctic. He is taking advantage of this opportunity to explore the possibility of a over land traverse from Thule to Greenland as an alterative way of getting fuel and equipment to Summit. Tomorrow Brad is going to explore the ramp the coast up onto the icesheet near Thule. On the flight from Summit to Thule, Brad was hoping to take some photos of the route.

Above is the Twin Otter taking off from Summit in poor visibility. These experienced pilots are quite good and have done many flights to Summit.

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