Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Birth and a Birthday

Jack Dibb and Nicola Blake of Sallie's Fen Alpacas are proud to announce the birth of a new baby girl alpaca. The as yet unnamed cria is standing next to her mom, Veronica in her new Barrington, NH pasture.

David Lew (NOAA - Air Resources Lab - Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division) celebrated his birthday by grooming the trail to sat camp in the electric snowmobile. We are preparing to pack up the instruments in a few days and want to get the trail firm enough to support the electric "Bad Boy" buggy. The Bad Boy is an electric golf cart on steroids that can we are hoping will help us haul our instruments back to the main camp.

Today we received all the NILU Atmospheric Backward Transport Analysis Products by Andreas Stohl. This analysis helps us to interpret transport processes and how they influenced recent measurements taken at the Summit, Greenland, station. It attempts to replace trajectory calculations -- the major tool used so far for that purpose -- with quantitative dispersion model runs including full turbulence and convection parameterizations. The plots from backward model runs using the FLEXPART model. A description of the various products derived from the backward runs can be found here.

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