Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Packing Up and fun

After yesterday we finished packing all the instruments up and hauling them (using electric snow mobile and the electric "Bad Boy" 4WD golf cart) back from SAT Camp to the main base. Some of the instruments are DNF (Do Not Freeze) so we stored them in the Maintenance Shop to keep them warm. We completely build 2 full-sized Air Force pallets (84 inches wide x 86 inches high x 94 inches high) with our instrumentation. We still had a smaller pallet for personal luggage, sleeping bags, and the GaTech Tool Chest which was too heavy and too big to fit anywhere else.

After the packing was done we played another game of soccer between the Old Pirates (over-35) and the Snow Bunnies (under-35). It was a very close game that the Pirates won 1-0. The Pirates did have a more players which was not exactly fair. After everyone recovered from soccer, Jack lead a 9 hole round of golf on the 2007 Summit Summer 9-hole Golf course. The game was almost called after we lost 5 balls on the 5 hole, but we played better the last few holes and manged to finish the round before our hands were completely frozen.

This morning we packed up two pallets of Ice Core boxes. Some of the firn cores from the Albert/Severinghouse Project but most were from the Cole-Dai firn core drilling that is still going on. After landing in Kanger this afternoon we transfered all the core to the large freezer facility in Kanger.

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