Friday, June 1, 2007

Captain Jack and the Halogen Hunters

The Polar Palooza team has posted Part 1 of the adventures of "Captain Jack and the Halogen Hunters". Follow this LINK to the polar palooza "Podcasts from the Ice" page. A scroll down menu will have Capt. Jack (Part 1) and other videos of science in Greenland and elsewhere in the Arctic and Antarctic in honor of the International Polar Year (IPY). Capt. Jack Part II is just out. Eventually you may to find these podcasts on the archive page.

This is figure is generating some excitement. It shows that there is some soluble Br in the atmospheric at Summit. A very small amount (about 1 part per trillion (pptv)), but this is enough to do a good bit of chemistry. The red line is taken from sampling air in the snowpack and this suggests that soluble Br (probably HOBr or HBr) is coming from the snow. Other groups (GaTech CIMS and UCLA DOAS) are also seeing strong hints of Br compounds. Stay tuned for more breaking news.

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