Thursday, June 14, 2007

Study of Volcanic events in Greenland Ice Cores

A group of scientists from three different institutions: Jihong Cole-Dai (South Dakota State University), Mark Thiemens (UC-San Diego), and Joel Savarino (LGGE-Grenoble) are collecting 4 ice cores (two 80 m cores, two 150 m cores). Joel has a blog *in french* about his travels at: Above is a photo of the drill site that is about 5 km southwest of Summit Camp. Here is Mike Pasternik when he visited the drill camp a couple of days ago.

Here is Alyson Lanciki a graduate student from SD State. She is baging up a section of the core to take back to the lab for analysis.

Here is a close up photo of the drill bore hole. The cores will be retrograded to Kangerlussuaq for storage at -15C until they can be flown to Scotia, NY via C-130 and sent via refrigerated truck to NICL (the National Ice Core Lab) in Denver, CO.

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