Monday, June 4, 2007

Greg's Flight to Summit

A new crew of scientists and veco personnel arrived at Summit today. That means that a few people also got to go home. Greg Huey from GaTech (co-PI on the SHOX project) took some nice photos on the way. The photo above is of a retreating glacier.

Here Greg caught a photo of some Moulins.

A Moulin is a tubular chute that burrows all the way to the bedrock at the bottom of the ice sheet and carries the melt water to the ice edge. The reason they are so important is that the water at the base of the ice sheet acts as a lubricant and can speed up the flow of the glacier to the ocean. Increasing the loss of ice from the Greenland ice sheet.

Here is a diagram of a Moulin from NASA's Earth Observer Magazine (2002).

Greg also took this nice photo of Skier-95 at Summit this afternoon.

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