Friday, June 15, 2007

More Diamond Dust

It has been snowing on and off today. Now looks like diamond dust falling but a fog may be rolling in. Here a photo from late last night, right now there is another snowdog out there.

The heat wave has abated a bit, with slightly colder temperatures each night. Still pretty easy to sleep with nighttime temps warmer than -20 deg C.

Pressure has been dropping over the past few days and finally stabilized over the last few hours. Forecast calls for partly cloudy skies and 30% chance of snow for next 3 days. So looks like more of the same while we are packing up and for our flight back to Kanger.

The BrO levels have been really low for the past 4 days. Here is a composite map of SCIAMACHY total column BrO for 12-14th of June. This shows lower BrO levels than we saw last week near coast of Greenland. Perhaps this fits in with our observations. Hard to say as we are still not sure of the source of the BrO at Summit.

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